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96-98 Civic Stage 2 (UltraSpec BiXenon 3.0") w/DRL

This is the good stuff. Ultimate Optics, Ultimate Style, and Ultimate Performance. True BiXenon 3" Morimoto D2S With Iris shrouds and COB reverse mounted DRLs provide an unrivaled view of the road. The beam control and output of these units is immense providing perfect LHD cutoff with a chromatic blue fringe cutoff for a premium look.

This is the HIDoingItRight, Very-Very-Right

Sets sold complete with with Morimoto XB D2S HID Bulbs in 4300K, 5000K, or 6000K with 3Five or 5Five ballasts and relay harness. Corner signals are upgraded to 11Watt Phosphor Enhanced HAL's to match new output and color quality of HIDs.

LED turn signals daw less power then standard bulbs causing factory flasher to run at double speed. If this is undesirable,
add the LED Flasher option to include an LED specific flasher module and return factory operation.

These units have an IL4 exclusive (Industry First) reverse DRL system utilizing XB90mm COB halos. These are mounted behind the shroud to provide high power ambient lighting to illuminate the reflection dish as well as provide a holographic 3D effect through the Iris 3" projector in either amber or white. (And yes it can be colored independently of turn singles)

These are no-compromise automotive headlight systems truly worthy of the category UltraSpec Providing over 5X the output ever dreamed about from original OEM halogen headlamps with 0 glare and output truly needing to be seen to believed.

IL40073$650.00HID:  D2S:  COB:  Signal:  :: 

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