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The cars selected by SPOON "the Civic, Integra and S2000" are reborn through fine-tuning.

Because we love Honda and because we have only ever raced Honda, our cars are set to be driver-friendly and easy to control for all drivers, not just the professionals. Here are the Honda cars that SPOON has chosen:

SPOON doesn't tune every Honda model. After extensively testing the power capacity of the engine and transmission, then testing for chassis rigidity, suspension performance and the like, SPOON finally sets about making parts for the car which has been chosen. Precisely by making sure of the quality of the foundations on which we are going to build our cars, we can set our sights on producing a higher quality product. By the same token, SPOON has no interest in cars that have no value in their own right. It is precisely because a car has a pedigree that we are prepared to pour our heart and soul into making it better.


Civic and Integra
Civic and Integra

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