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Toda B-series VTEC Billet Camshafts

TODA Racing has been producing billet VTEC camshafts since 1994, longer than any other manufacturer. Years of experience with B16A and B18C engines have allowed TODA Racing to produce the best performing and most proven DOHC VTEC camshafts available.

TODA Racing uses the latest design and manufacturing technologies to produce their camshafts. All TODA parts are designed, tested, and manufactured using the IBM CATIA CAD/CAM/CAE system. This is the same system used by Honda, Boeing, Ferrari, Porsche, and other leading high technology manufacturers.

TODA Spec B & C camshafts have large primary and secondary lobes. This is a design pioneered by TODA over 6 years ago. Now our competition is copying this design feature. Imitation parts may look the same, but thereís one thing that canít be copied, TODA quality and reliability.


All TODA Racing camshafts must be tuned using TODA adjustable campulleys to attain maximum performance. Valve lash for all cams is 0.2mm cold. Spec B & C camshafts require TODA valve springs. For Spec A camshafts, Integra Type-R inner and outer valvespring components maybe used up to 8400rpm on both the intake and exhaust side.

With Spec A camshafts if engine will be operating beyond 8400rpm, TODA valve spring kit must be used. Using Spec C camshafts on engines with milled cylinder heads, thin head gaskets, or non TODA Racing high compression pistons may cause valve-to-piston clearance issues. For maximum performance, Spec C camshafts must be used with TODA high compression pistons and upgraded fuel injection system. Some aftermarket campulleys use connecting bolts that are not compatible with TODA camshafts. The use of these bolts could damage the TODA camshafts. If you plan to use TODA camshafts, we only recommend using TODA campulleys to prevent damage to the camshafts.

The TODA High Power Timing Belt is highly recommended when using Spec B and C camshafts.


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