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Product Description

Also Available in 7443 Wedge Series

Designed for 1157 Bayonet Style Plugs in Front Dual-Brightness Brake/Marker/Signal Bulbs.
With PnP Load Resisters for compatibility and normal signal flash rate.

Simply, these are the brightest and highest performing CREE LED light replacement currently available. Direct Plug and play with no extra wiring or ballast.

Where as our iL4 Spec 80Watt Cree LED full white and amber units run their front and side arrays at 10% power when used as parking lights. The iL4 Spec switch-back uses a full 0.33A to run the front 4X5Watt Cree array at over 700LM of parking light output.

Four genuine 5Watt Cree XP-G modules provide 700LM+ of output through the front optical lens

Benefits are a 4x increase in front illumination vs traditional 80Watt Units and projection of a clear beam path with visual ground effects. Turn signal function is maintained with 12x amber CREE LEDs providing safety and visibility on coming traffic.

Fully Regulated to prevent voltage failure and complete metal housing with heat syncs to dissipate heat. Even at full power these LED's produce less heat then the OEM 1157 27Watt light bulbs.

Accept no imitation, go for the best, iL4 Spec lighting!

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