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Inline Four Expo 2009 - Registration



Sunday July 12, 2009, Inline Four will hold itís 1st Annual Summer Dyno-Day/Car Meet, dubbed "Inline Four Expo 2009", at our new location located in Garden Grove, CA.

For the last 10 years, Inline Four has catered to the Acura/Honda market by offering high-quality parts and top-notch service to enthusiasts all over Southern California and the world. During this tough time in our market and Economy, we at Inline Four, would like to give back to the local market by hosting this fun-filled and exciting event. This event is open to vehicles of all types.

We would like to invite all to enjoy some food, music, cool cars, dyno-action and free give-aways. An important objective of our event is to bridge the gap between the manufactures and consumers (end-users). Our event will give you, the end-user, a chance to speak one on one with manufactures, giving them your honest opinion on their product(s) and or services. Your feedback is invaluable information and can be used to improve upon products and give awareness to the manufacture on what the enthusiasts in this industry are looking for.

The event will start at 10am and finish at 5pm. Upon arrival at the event, registered guests will receive a raffle ticket that will also be used as a meal voucher. Those who registered for dyno-runs will be given specific instructions on how to proceed at the time of arrival. "Special Guests" will also be on-hand to display some exciting high-horsepower pulls on our dyno. The dyno-day participation will be $50.00 for 3 baseline pulls. There will be a prize for the highest HP of the day, along with a prize for the lowest HP of the day(Gotta support the underdog). We will have a DJ spinning tunes, import models to "go-go dance" and sign autographs, vendors on-hand displaying products and an "hourly-raffle giveaway" throughout the day. I have also contacted various media for coverage of the event. So, bring your ride, nice and clean, cuz we have plenty of parking spaces and your car might make it in a magazine.

Registration/Admission will be $5.00 per person, which will entitle you to a raffle ticket/meal voucher, good for 2 rounds of food and to park your vehicle on the premises. If you are local and wish to come in to Inline Four prior to the event and register in person, you may do so.


On behalf of my staff here at Inline Four, we would be gratefully obliged if you can support us and attend our event. I look forward to seeing many of you at the event. - Brandon Bacio, Director of Operations, Inline Four


After you place your order, PRINT OUT your confirmation and bring it with you to the event. This will allow you to redeem your meal voucher/raffle ticket.

If you are also purchasing 3 dyno-pulls, PRINT OUT your confirmation and bring it with you to the event. Your car must be in good running order and have no leaks. No automatic or 4WD/AWD vehicles.

After all dyno spots are filled, we will remove the option to order. So, as long as the option is there, we have space for you.

Remember, you can also register here at the shop prior to July 6, 2009 from 9:30am to 6:30pm

If you have any questions about the event, please call us at 714-903-1898 or email Brandon at baciob@inlinefour.com


1. How much is it to register? - $5.00
2. What do I get for 5 bucks? - It will register you for the event and entitle you to the following:
     A. One admission per $5.00 entry
     B. One raffle ticket for the "hourly raffle giveaway"
     C. Your raffle ticket is also your food voucher
     D. The food voucher is good for 2 rounds of food (seconds or for your guest/passenger, incase they didn't want to register)
     E. A parking space if you are displaying your car on the lot
3. What if I don't want to show my car? - No problem, you don't have to. You can pay $5.00 and still be entitled to the hourly raffle and the food.
4. Can we park on the lot even if we are not displaying? - No, the entire lot will be reserved for people who registered for the event.
5. Can we just park outside and walk in and not pay. I just want to walk around and check it out. - Sure, be my guest. However, you will not be able to participate in the raffle or eat any food.
6. Can I pay/register on the day of the event? - Yes you can, but you will have to wait until all paid attendees enter the lot. We will take "stand bys" after pre-paid registrants arrive.
7. I just walked in to watch, can I buy food? - No, but just pay $5.00 and get a raffle ticket and you will be entitled to 2 rounds of food.
8. How to I register for the dyno-day part of the event? - Register online before July 6th. It is $50.00 for 3 baseline pulls.
9. Will you tune my car on that day? - No tuning. We will only do 3 baseline runs w/ lambda O2 readout. You can schedule a tune for a later date.
10. Can I pay for the dyno on the day of the event? - We are allowing 10-15 cars to baseline. Depending on how many pre-register, you might be able to.
11. Are you selling parts that day? - You know we are, and will most likely have some stuff on sale.
12. Are you guys trying to make money by charging 5 bucks just to park? I mean c'mon charging to park? - We will spend thousands before the day is up. It is just a miniscule fee to "help" cover a fraction of the logistics and keep the event organized and structured so that it is pleasant for everyone.

I think I covered most of the questions that might come to mind. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me personally at baciob@inlinefour.com or call the shop at 714-903-1898.


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