UltraSpec Housings + UltraSpec HIDs by Morimoto
Max our your your foglight potential for the war against the night with either
Morimoto HID components in 3000K, 4300K, 5000K, and 6000K.

Available in 35W and 50W configurations all powered by the latest 7th generation 2015 XB series ballasts.

Mix-N-Match bulb and housing color for a unique look.

Stage 2 units have been special modified to use H3c HID bulbs while retaining water tight performance and all OEM seals.
The modified bulbs and housings are fully assembled in house and ready to install.
The Relay harness is also modified to power 9006 HID ballasts.

These changes are done free of charge unless you the "DIY" option

------- These simply are the highest performing EK foglights on the market.

UltraSpec Foglight assemblies feature full chrome backed reflector to maximize light capture and redirection towards the front.

DOT approved optics and glare shields guarantee light control.

This is the highest spec, IL4Spec.

Available in OEM Clear or Yellow, all DOT approved.