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ACL Race Series Engine Bearings

The ACL Race Series Engine Bearings are ACL's new Trimetal engine bearing. The unique combination of design, metallurgy and engineering come together to deliver what drivers expect from high performance Trimetal engine bearings. ACL Race Series Engine Bearings are designed to withstand higher RPM conditions. ACL Race Series Engine Bearings are available for many of the popular 4, 6 & 8 cylinder applications and feature:

- High strength overlay plate with reduced thickness
- Hardened steel backs on all Conrod Bearings
- Increased crush and elimination of flash plating
- 3/4 grooving on Main Bearings providing optimum oil supply
- Tight consistent wall tolerances
- Oversize chamfers where applicable

ACL Race Series Honda rod bearings pictured.

ACL's are made with the same manufacturing process as Honda, they just don't come in the .0001 adjustments by colors. They match the green color code in most instances. They are a one size fits all that on a STD size crankshaft within spec, will give you clearances right in the middle of the spectrum of which Honda specifies.

Remember, if you switch to aftermarket rods (Carillo, Crower, Eagle) your color codes don't work anymore.

Also, ACL offers a bearing size that is .0005 thinner per half, allowing for .001 extra clearance for STD sized crankshafts. For street applications, we highly reccommend the STD size only. The .001 THINNER FOR STD SIZE CRANKS, should only be used in race/track applications or where you need to achieve more of a loose clearance.

Please contact us to special order .025 or .25 oversize bearings or to order only rod bearings, only main bearings or only thrust washers. In addition to Honda/Acura, we can also special order them for other imports and domestics.

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