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ARC Cool Fin Universal

The cooling system of a high performance tuned engine is often the most overlooked part of the tuning process. The cooling system takes the most abuse during racing conditions or even in the hot summer months.

ARC is proud to introduce the ARC COOL FIN. Don't be deceived by its seemingly simple looks. Hours and hours of testing and development have been invested into this item to produce a low cost improvement to key areas of the vehicle.

First, the ARC COOL FIN is a cooling item, slightly different from an oil cooler and radiator. This item works with the tunerfs creativity to add to the cooling performance with a reasonable price.

1) Place it on a surface of a component that will be effected by heat.
2) As long as there is airflow in the immediate area, there will be immediate measurable results.
3. Stick it on the various places and it will suppress the temperature rise.

ARC mainly produces primary cooling high performance components such as an intercooler or the radiator. ARC has derived its products from winning involvement in the highest levels of motorsport in Japan such as Formula Nippon, Super Taikyu (Endurance), and Super GT.

The COOL FIN utilizes a specially developed fin that works together with the supplied adhesive tape to cool the surface area of a given part. Attach the COOL FIN to a part where there may be an increase in heat of a component that has no cooling system such as the surface of an oil pan or transmission case. The installation is simple. Stick a cool fin with the attached special heat transfer double sided adhesive tape.

Key Features:
-It takes longer for a part to reach a certain temperature with the cool fin installed.
-Keeps parts cooler longer
-The fin is sheet shape measures 10 cm x 9.5 cm with a product made in aluminum of high thermal conductivity.
-Because it can bend like a photograph, you can attach it to parts like intercooler piping or other non-flat parts.
-You can cut it with retractable knife for custom fitting.
-The double-stick tape for the fin is a special material that has high thermal conductivity.
-You can easily cool intakes, oil systems, water temperatures, and electronic parts.



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