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Product Description

The basis of great lighting starts at the core. In this case it is the quality housings you mount your headlights and corner lights too. In a sea of inferiority and mediocrity. InlineFour has gone direct to the manufactures and tested each housing finally choosing only one to be classified as our iL4Spec.

Simply, these are the headlights you've been looking for. 100% Street legal and DOT approved for use in all 50 States, with unmatched clarity, corrosion resistance, and thermal fade. Guaranteed to be better then whatever your currently running next to a set of "InTheBox Stanleys" #TheseAintYourEbayLights and you'll know that the moment your see them.

Combining the quality look and feel of JDM CTR's with USDM specific glare cut offs and amber corner strip for 100% 50 State legal use on public highways.

Unique Features VS OEM
TrueGunmetal chrome finish
Maintains Amber OEM Stripe
Clear Inner corner housing for maximum light transmittance and housing fill
(Optimized for maximum housing illumination)
Fully Compatible With White,Amber and Other Color IL4Spec Automotive LEDs
*Not Recommended For Use With High-power Projector Corners*

Covered by manufacture 30 day warranty against defects, leaks or fading.