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Brian Crower Lightweight Sportsman Connecting Rods

Brian Crower Sportsman Lightweight Connecting Rods are an excellent choice for a lightweight rod upgrade at an affordable price. Perfect for your high-compression "all motor" setup. The Brian Crower Sportsman Lightweight Connecting Rods also come equipped with ARP 2000 rod bolts, which are rated to 220,000 p.s.i. The Sportsman connecting rod is rated to handle in excess of 200HP per cylinder. For an "all motor" setup, that is more than enough strength needed to suffice. The main concern is whenever you are configuring an "all motor" setup, whatever part you decide to put into the engine, must be lighter in weight than the factory/stock piece it is being replaced with.

For example, lets compare the weighs of the following Honda and Brian Crower connecting rods. The factory Honda connecting rods weigh in at approx. 530g(B18C) and 550g(B18A/B-B20). The Brian Crower Sportsman Lightweight Connecting Rods weigh in at 426g(B18C) and 440g(B18A/B-B20). That makes perfect sense in an "all motor" application, to choose these Brian Crower connecting rods as an upgrade to the factory counterparts.

Brian Crower connecting rods are sold in a complete set of 4 rods.

As an added benefit for performance reliability and prolonged longevity of the connecting rods structural integrity. We can offer the WPC Metal Surface Treatment to your order of connecting rods for additional low price of $160.00!

Simply choose the appropriate option in the item drop-down menu and we will send your order of connecting rods out for WPC treatment. The turn-around time is only 2-3 business days. For more information on WPC, you can click here.

NOTE: Upgraded connecting rods such as these, are designed to be used in conjunction with a "full-floating" wrist-pin. Out of the applications listed above, only the K-series(K20A/K20Z/K24A) pistons are a full-floating wrist-pin design from the factory. Therefore, these connecting rods can be used with the factory pistons. In the case of the B-series factory pistons(B18A/B-B20/B18C), you will have to use an aftermarket forged piston or have the factory pistons modified to accept full-floating wrist-pins, as opposed to "press-fit" style wrist-pins.


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