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Inline Four is proud to be able to offer our customers the very best in competition cylinder head work. By doing our cylinder heads in-house, we are able to accomodate you by offering state of the art technology along with only the best in high-quality parts for your cylinder head.

IL4 Performance has the experience and knowledge to help you with your racing needs. Specializing in cylinder heads for all types of racing applications, we can work with you to build the head that will work best with your engines setup.

Through the years we've been associated with the best in the industry to learn more about race engine development. Working for such companies like: Edelbrock, Cosworth Engineering, Porsche Motorsports, TRD (Toyota Racing Development), HPD (Honda Performance Development) and NPTI (Nissan Performance Technology Inc.) just to name a few.

IL4 Performance have the combined experience and technology to keep you ahead of the competition!

Below are the prices for head work along with the different types of components that we offer for building your cylinder head.

Cylinder Head Work Services

Multi-Angle Valve Job - $350.00
Includes: cleaning, dissassembly, reassembly, valve job and resurface.
****new valve seals are an additional $64.00****

Turn around time for valve jobs are 2-4 days.

Cylinder Head Port & Polish - Starting at $875.00
Street Port Includes: cleaning, dissassembly, reassembly, multi-angle valve job, pocket-port, deshroud chambers and resurface or mill to your specification.

It all starts with the basic Street Port, which in all honesty, is what 80% of our customers need. Depending on your engines setup and configuration, we can work with you to decide how much further you need to go. We can also perform "square-port" machining, pro-chambers, seat replacement, oversize valve machining, custom high-side, short-side, throat and roof machining.

Turn around time for cylinder head porting is around 2 weeks.

Don't forget, you can add any type of valvetrain components at this time, so they can be assembled with the head.

We can also supply you with any OEM parts needed to complete your cylinder head installation...top-end gasket kits, timing belts, headgaskets etc...

Below are some examples of the cylinder head work you will receive when going through Inline Four



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Procedures for sending in your cylinder head

1. Contact us either by phone or email to discuss the payment method you will use. For cylinder head services, we accept payment only by money order, certified cashiers check or bank transfer.

2. Send in your cylinder head along with your payment(if choosing to pay by money order or certified cashiers check). Note: Upon receipt of your cylinder head, we will inspect it for any discrepancies before proceeding with the machine work.

Upon completion of your cylinder head, we will contact you to notify you and give you a tracking number upon shipping.

Call us at 714-903-1898 or email us if you have any questions regarding the cylinder head work services we offer.

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