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CT-Engineering Complete Icebox and Drop-In Filter Combo

The CT-Engineering IceBox & Drop-In Filterer combo is truly the Ultimate Sleeper Intake for your EK/EG/DC

Combine the best benefits of a cold air intake setup with the throttle characteristics of a short ram while keeping your vehicle CARB certified and OEM clean.

The Combo includes:
OEM ITR intake elbow, this helps maintain an OE look while providing power gains throughout the power band. It features an oversized and smoothed inner surface providing maximum intake air velocity especially designed for 62mm+ throttle bodies. (Using a GS-R Manifold or SOHC, see inset graphic)

CT-Engineerings reusable high flow filter connects via the ITR elbow with hidden inner velocity stack promoting turbulence free air induction.

CT-Engineerings Icebox acts a 'cold air conversion' and funnels cold air from below the bumper directly into the filter. The box features oversized intake ducting and smooth bends to insure propper air flow while intake air temperatures are lowered insulating the filter from engine bay heat.
The Ice-Box is also CARB-EO certified for hassle free smog inspections.

This ket is truly a "best of both worlds' combination when compared to typical short ram or long tube cold air systems. Short filter to throttle body piping offers fast short ram like throttle response. When used with the lid open the kit provides a strong deep engine tone while still receiving a stream of fresh air from below.

Running the kit closed offers reduced intake temperatures both from the insulating housing as well as the Ice-Box's lower ram air funnel. The kit suppresses induction noise but gains aditional horse power in the mid to high range both from harmonic box resonance, and ram air effect.

Never worry about hydro lock or losing your air filter on the road after hitting a bump, this is truly a year round cold air solution for all season and adverse weather conditions.

**Designed for B series swaps, some modification required for B16A2 vehicles due to differences in IAT sensor location. Existing sensor can either be drilled/mounted into the ITR elbow or use an ITR/Skunk2 intake manifold with an IAT sensor/port on the runners.**

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