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07 Civic Si Intake Manifold That Got Honed!

"Extrude Hone’s Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) process is recognized worldwide for its ability to increase horsepower, thrust, torque and airflow on all types of internal combustion engines. Whether you’re running a two-stroker, a fuel-injected eight banger, or a jet turbine with full afterburners, we’ll help you make it go faster, further and cleaner."
    - ExtrudeHone

Extrude Hone developed this Abrasive Flow Machining process more than twenty-five years ago to increasethe performance of automotive racing engines. The demand for this process increased quickly among automotive enthusiasts and soon caught the attention of professional racing teams worldwide. Today it ranks among the most sought after performance improvement available to automotive enthusiasts.

In addition to meeting the rigid requirements of professional race teams and production automotive manufacturers, Abrasive Flow Machining is an effective process for virtually almost every type of muscle car and high performance import including Mustangs, Corvettes, Porches, BMWs, Honda and Acura. This custom airflow machining process has shown power increases that by far exceeds any hand finishing and porting process.

    A plastic, abrasive-laden polymer media is pushed through a part's channels, like an intake or exhaust manifold while being clamped to the processing machine. The media sands away unwanted material, stress risers, and burrs from the internal passage ways creating a smooth, polished surface. For most applications, the flow of the abrasive media is extruded in the same direction the normal flow of the engine’s fuel and exhaust gasses.

    The Abrasive Flow Machining process creates obstruction free passage ways that allow more air, fuel, and gasses to pass quickly through the engine components to maximize increased flow velocity. The result is an motor that produces a faster,cleaner, and more power output. The process routinely delivers increases that can exceed 30 percent on aluminum intake manifolds and 25 percent on cylinder heads and also a cleaner burning, more fuel-efficient motor.


    This popular process is now refined to accommodate almost every available model of intake and exhaust manifolds, engine heads, turbo impellers, housings and pumps, as well as two and four-stroke cylinders on automotive, marine, diesel, and motorcycle components. Simply polishing and smoothing any passage way that air, liquid or fuel flows.

GSR Blox Intake Manifold That Got Honed!


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