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HR K-Series Fuel Line Kit for 92-00 Civic and 94-01 Integra

So why do you need a fuel line kit?

Well the K series engine in the OEM chassis has a return less fuel system (it only has one line running to the rail) . The new chassis that you plan on installing your K series engine (in this case EF,EG,EK,DC etc) utilizes a return system. So to get fuel to your K-series engine your going to need to retro fit a return system to the engine. It sounds complicated but we have made a few different fuel line kits that are 100% bolt in.

What chassis is this kit for?

This kit fits all 92-2000 Civic's/Delsol's and all 94-2001 Acura Integra's.

What does this kit come with?

This kit consist of 3 custom length lines with the appropriate fittings on the ends. You can get the lines in either stainless steel or black neoprene. The black kit is our most popular kit for its stealthy look but they both get the job done perfect.

The kit also comes with 3 -6AN unions, an adapter to connect to your OEM fuel filter and an adapter to connect to your hard line.

Why shouldn’t I make these lines myself and what makes them better?

Since the hoses will be carrying fuel back and forth to your engine we have the lines assembled and pressure tested by an Aeromotive authorized dealer who uses equipment selected and certified by Aeromotive to ensure the best quality Assembly and Performance. They also pressure test the lines to ensure there are no leaks which can lead to fires and or engine failure. In addition all of lines come with a lifetime warranty. If you have a leak or problem send it back to us for a no hassle repair.

Hybrid Racing stands behind each one of their products and are 100% positive that you will have no problems with the Hybrid Racing fuel line kits. Each Hybrid Racing product comes with a money back guarantee, so if you are not happy call Hybrid Racing and they will make sure you are.


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