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HR K-Swap Speed Converter Box

Who is this converter for?

If you are running an 05+ transmission that has the speed sensor mounted on the front of the transmission this converter is for you.

Is the converter adjustable?

Yes, you can make adjustments from the back of the unit with a small screwdriver to get your speedometer to display your correct speed. Most people just use a GPS system to see what there actual speed is and make small adjustments until it matches. You can also use this to compensate for larger wheels.

Why do I need it?

The speed sensor on the 05-06 transmission outputs at a different rate than what the clusters in swapped cars inputs. Up until now most people have either opted to stay away from the 05-06 transmission, use a manual converter that they needed to painstakingly set and dial in or, swap the housing on there transmission.

We decided to make it one step easier and end all of the confusion and problems by creating a simple 4 wire plug and play kit.

The new Hybrid Racing speed converter uses 4 wires and comes preprogrammed with the correct settings. Simply run the wires to there respective locations and your cluster is ready to go. The kit will come with complete instructions on where to connect and what pins to move around.

Below are a few screen shots of the product. The converter will come with a heat shrink cover and we suggest that you install it inside your chassis and secure with the provided zip tie.

What connector do I need to use on my engine harness?

The 05-06 connector is the best bet but you can use your 02-04 connector by simply shaving down the guides on the speed sensor. You can use either connector one way just requires some dremel tool action.

What engine harness do I use?

This is designed to work with any engine harness but we recommend you use an 02-04 engine harness. If you use the 05-06 engine harness you will need a 05-06 Kpro and jumper, modified conversion harness, modified engine harness. Make it easy on yourself and get the 02-04 engine harness its worth it.

What if I have really big wheels etc?

We wanted to make it as simple as possible to install without having to have people call in for endless possibilities and settings. We based the calibration on a common wheel 15" and tire combination and any deviation from this will only result in minor changes in the accuracy of the cluster. These same minor changes are dealt with when installing your "normal k20a2" transmission into your swap.


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