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iL4 Performance Carbon Lined Racing Synchros

Inline Four is proud to introduce our own 100% full carbon lined racing synchro sets. Branded under the iL4 Performance line, our synchros are OEM manufactured, carbon-lined and not coated, therefore, the carbon material will last longer. Our carbon-lined racing synchros also have all synchros from 1st to 5th lined with carbon. Other brands of synchros currently on the market still use a stock brass 1st and 2nd synchro with only 3rd, 4th and 5th having a carbon coating. Utilizing carbon as the friction material, we were able to achieve full carbon lining on all synchros. Therefore, as the carbon lining acts as a "braking material", gear selection and engagement is smooth, precise and direct. Also, the synchros are durable and able to withstand harsh racing conditions and extreme temperatures.

The iL4 Performance Carbon Lined Racing Synchros are simply awesome and a no-brainer when rebuilding your transmission.

The synchro set includes fully carbon-lined synchros from 1st to 5th. Currently, K-series application only has a 3rd/4th sleeve set that includes carbon-coated 3rd/4th synchro rings.

Specific Fitting Notes:

For the H22, synchros will fit all transmissions with case ID M2Y4, M2U4, M2F4, M2A4.

For GSR/ITR B16 hydro, synchros will fit B18C, JDM YS1 (Integra XSI/RSI), Integra Type R/GSR S80 Y80, B16 Hydro S4C Y21, 1999-2000 Civic Si.

For B16A cable, synchros will fit Fitting JDM Integra S1 (Integra XSI/RSI), USA 1990 Inegra B18 Cable S1, JDM 1989-1991 Civic/CRX SIR Y1 Cable.

For B16, B18 cable, synchros will fit JDM Integra J1 (Integra XSI/RSI), USA 1991 Inegra B18 Cable A1.

For the B18B Integra LS, RS, GS, the synchros will fit all 1992-2001 non-vtec transmissions.

For the D-series SOHC, the synchros will fit 1988-2000 Civic/CRX/Del Sol SOHC D Series Transmissions.

For K-series, 3rd/4th Carbon Synchro Sleeve Set fits the 02-06 RSX Type S, 01-06 JDM ITR/CTR, 06-08 Civic Si and includes: 3rd gear, Sleeve, Hub, 3/4 Carbon synchros, synchro springs.

For K-series, 5th/6th Carbon Synchro 1pc. Sleeve Set fits the 05-06 RSX Type S, 01-05 JDM ITR DC5, 01-05 CTR and includes: Sleeve, Hub, 5/6 Carbon synchros, synchro springs.

For K-series, 5th/6th Carbon Synchro 3pc. Sleeve Set fits the 02-04 RSX Type S and includes: Sleeve, Hub, 5/6 Carbon synchros, synchro springs.

K-Series 3rd/4th Sleeve Set


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