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iL4 Performance ML_PRO Head Gaskets

Inline Four has added yet another high-quality product to the iL4 Performance line up; ML_PRO Multi-Layered Steel Head Gaskets for B-series VTEC engines. With our close relationships to OE Manufactures, we are able to produce products that meet and exceed OE specification. If it's good enough for Honda, then it's good enough for us!

iL4 Performance ML_PRO Head Gaskets will withstand more cylinder head pressure than a composite steel ring gasket, commonly used for turbo, superchargers and racing applications on gas. ML_PRO Head Gaskets require less clamping force, promote an even torque load across the sealing surface, and reduce cylinder bore distortion. ML_PRO Head Gaskets are constructed of high-quality stainless steel layers. ML_PRO Head Gaskets are also nitrogen treated to ensure sealing and high tempreture resistance to prevent future warpage.

ML_PRO Head Gaskets are offered in MLS 3-layer 82mm, 83mm, 84mm and 85mm bore sizes with an overall thickness of .030in. We specifically had these gaskets made for those running 81.25mm, 81.5mm, 82mm, 83mm, 84mm, 84.5mm and 85mm bores, where the OE Honda headgasket cannot be used. Engineered for B-series VTEC engines or LS/B20 VTEC hybrid engines.

For those running 84mm B20/VTEC, you no longer have to use the non-vtec B20 head gasket. Now you can use a proper VTEC configuration head gasket in 84mm bore.

IMPORTANT: We always suggest to use a slightly larger gasket bore. This will compensate for any slight cylinder head shift, should it occur. This technique will not effect the compression ratio. (Ex: 81.5mm bore can use a 82mm gasket or 84.5mm bore can use a 85mm gasket). As long as the gasket is larger than the bore, it will not effect the comp ratio.

NOTE: ML_PRO Head Gaskets are a perfect match when using iL4 Performance Pro-Cast and Pro Cast HC pistons.

If you have:

81.5mm bore - choose 82mm bore gasket
82mm bore - choose 82mm bore gasket
84mm bore - choose 84mm bore gasket
84.5mm bore - choose 85mm bore gasket
85mm bore - choose 85mm bore gasket


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