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iL4 Performance OEM 3rd/4th Synchro Sleeve

Many times, when rebuilding parts of the gear stack, the synchro rings, synchro springs and hubs are all in good condition and the sleeve itself is what needs replacing. Go to the local Honda/Acura dealer and get ready to spend mega bucks on a full synchro-sleeve set. Here lies your answer if you are ever faced with that delimma. Another iL4 first!

Combine these with our "Carbon-Lined" brass synchro rings for a transmission that shifts like butter!

Fitting notes for synchro sleeves:

B-Series B16, B18C, B17A, GSR and ITR 3rd/4th Synchro Sleeve - Fits the following transmissions: 1992-2001 including Integra GSR, B17A, JDM YS1 (Integra XSI/RSI), Integra Type R, B16 Hydro, 1999-2000 Civic Si. Sleeve will fit only B series GSR Type R transmissions with the case ID of "S80" "YS1" "Y21"or "S4C"

B-Series Non-VTEC LS/RS/GS B18B 3rd/4th Synchro Sleeve - Fits Honda and Acura B series transmissions from 1992-2001 Integra LS, RS, and GS, S80 (B18B), Y80 (B18B), YS1 (B18A). Sleeve will fit only B series LS transmissions with the case ID of "S80" "Y80" and "YS1"

H-Series VTEC Honda Prelude H22 3rd/4th Synchro Sleeve - Fits Honda Prelude H22 transmissions from 1992-2001. Sleeve will fit only H22 transmissions with the case ID of M2Y4 M2U4 M2F4 and M2A4

D-Series SOHC D16 3rd/4th Synchro Sleeve - Fits D-Series SOHC Honda Civic 1996-2000 equipped with manual transmissions. Sleeve will fit only SOHC Honda Civic transmissions with the case ID of S40.

As with all engine and transmission components, these parts should be installed by a professional and other related transmission parts should be inspected for wear.


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