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iL4 Performance Pro-Cast HC Pistons

Now you can have extra displacement and higher-compression for your B-Series motor for an advantage in B-Series "all motor" power. Like our "pro-cast" pistons, the pro-cast "HC" (high-compression) pistons are also cast by the same Industrial Automotive Manufacturer that produces OEM JDM & USDM Honda pistons. Our pistons are a direct spec of the original Civic Type-R piston, with the same compression height of 2.210in but in a larger bore size for enhanced performance. Now you can have the Civic Type-R piston in a special 81.5mm or 82mm bore size with a Molybednum skirt coating.

We decided to have the Civic Type-R piston produced in these specific bore sizes so that when used in a B16A,B16B or B17A environment, displacement and compression can be increased reliably. For a more aggressive approach, these pistons can be used in GSR (B18C1) or Integra Type-R (B18C5) blocks to achieve compression levels above 11.8:1. When using these pistons in LS/VTEC builds, we suggest to use a B16A cylinder head, rather than a GSR, due to the compression level achieved.

If you have a Civic Type-R motor (B16B) or B16A, these pistons really give an added "kick", when compared to factory engine output.

For the aggressive street or track built naturally aspirated GSR/ITR motor, these pistons give you the compression you need to compliment radical camshafts. By the same token, you do not have to deal with any "piston-slap" associated with typical forged pistons.

Sold in a complete set of 4 pistons, wrist pins and piston rings.

Click here to order ML_PRO head gaskets, ideal for use with these pistons.


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