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IL4 Performance Pro Street Induction Kit


Our iL4 Pro Street Induction Kit is ideal for those who want an easy and affordable solution for an intake with a functional velocity system. Our il4 Performance intake kit is composed of a high-flow air filter that houses a durable composite velocity stack with a 3 inch outlet, that then leads into a OEM 3 inch inlet air tube. The inlet tube is OEM rubber so it dissapates heat. Our iL4 induction system is much like a "short ram" style intake system, but with the added bonus of the velocity stack to aid in the volumetric efficiency of the intake air charge. Our iL4 Performance Pro Street Induction Kit also looks like a factory OE setup, but with a simple conical filter attached to the end. What the unknown doesn't suspect is the v-stack hiding on the inside, giving you the edge as opposed to, "oh, he/she just has an air filter". Our iL4 Performance Pro Street Induction Kit with the large air filter surface area, it's diameter, the internal velocity stack and the 3 inch internal diameter of the inlet tube is designed to come together and work in unison to increase the air's velocity so you can feed a larger throttle body and take advantage of the extra volume of intake air charge. All components are manufactured from high-quality materials and OEM components are used to ensure reliability and performance. Our intake kit is easily put together and installed with a simple phillips head screw driver and a small amount of elbow grease.

For the hardcore gearheads, at the track, the air filter can be easily removed and you can use only the velocity stack to maximize the air intake charge.

Our iL4 Performance Induction Kit is designed to be used on single stage or upright intake plenum engines installed in EG, EK and DC2 chassis. These engines include HONDA B16A, B16B, B17A, B18C(Type-R), B18A/B(Non-VTEC), B20B, and H22A.


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