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IL4 Racing Stainless/Teflon PTFE Clutch Line

Inline Four introduces our IL4 Performance Racing Stainless/Teflon PTFE Clutch Line. Like our standard clutch lines, the IL4 racing clutch line was designed with racing technology and the data acquired throughout our years of expierence. When you replace your overall factory hydraulic clutch line system, which includes the "rubber" and "hard" clutch line, you will reduce volumetric expansion by over 85% vs. 70% with the standard clutch line that replaces only the rubber section. With this improvement, you will notice that your clutch engagement and disengagement is faster, consisent and more accurate, thus improving overall performance and consistency.

Our IL4 Performance Racing Clutch Lines are stainless steel with a Teflon PTFE inner coating and utilize aircraft/aerospace industry fittings and materials. The PTFE inner core is vertically extruded to maintain highest quality concentricity. It is manufactured from DuPont's type 62 fine grade resin with 304 stainless steel wire braid reinforcement. In addition, an exact amount of carbon black is added to the PTFE inner core which provides a continuous conductive path to the metal end fittings, to bleed off static electricity in steam or high flow rate applications such as a Honda clutch hydraulic system. The IL4 Performance Racing Clultch Line meets or exceeds requirements of SAE 100R14 and the PTFE we use meets FDA 21 CCFR 177.1550. As always, we try to use the best materials when manufacturing our IL4 products, so they will perform as expected and will endure the rigors of racing.

Our IL4 Performance Racing Clutch Lines are offered with a clear PVC outer coating. Upon special request, we can also have them made in other colors such as black, blue, red, smoked, green and yellow. Keep in mind that if you choose a color other than clear, the turn around time is 3-5 days upon order.

IL4 Performance Racing Clutch Lines are designed to work with most Honda/Acura vehicles utilizing a hydraulic clutch system on a B/D/H/F or K-series engine. Our lines are made with a little "slack" so you can route the line and keep it in a relaxed state.

Do not be fooled by inferior products out on the market. Especially those manufactured for the purpose of "looking good" or "cleaning-up" the engine bay. Our lines are created with performance, endurance and longevity in mind.

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