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Major changes have occurred since the end of the war, from the time when everyone dreamed of owning a car to now, when each family has at least one. We also need to be aware of the change that has occurred in people's perceptions. Rather than focusing solely on driving performance, each manufacturer offers safety and environmental protection measures as well. We use state-of-the-art technology in order to compete in the market, building better cars to appeal to more people.

We offer enhanced driving performance through computer-controlled engine tuning, accurately taking engine performance to the outer limits.

The work involved in repairs, from shaft reconstructions to light damage repairs, requires complex skills. We have moved from a time where cars were highly valued, to the present, where they are easy to buy, and thus less valuable. Our line of work has seen a shift towards needing more advanced, cutting-edge technology and equipment. Our ultimate goal is to provide a level of service which will allow complete customer satisfaction. This means that we must acquire the latest technology and master it through day-to-day practice. Those who do not make the effort to acquire new skills will find themselves left behind.

In actuality, rapid changes are sweeping through this unprententious field. Engine tuning is increasingly taking a position on the leading edge in the industry.

Due to the high costs involved in the work we do, we believe we must perform with a skill level which matches the demand. Given the trust and expectations of the customers, demonstrated by the fact that they have chosen JUN, we must exceed the expectations. This is our motto. This is something that cannot be taught, we must learn what we need from hands-on experience, a challenge which faces each and every one of us here at JUN. At present, there are close to 100 people working in all of our factories, and each one of them has confronted this trial and survived, a proud feat. The technology and software that they have built over a long period of time will be the springborard for the future development of JUN.

Many people are aware of JUN's past accomplishments, but few of them were the result of actual strategic planning. From here on, we will continue to amass experience, which will allow us to strengthen our presence as a unique company is various fields, such as manufacturing highly advanced functional components, engine tuning, and body repairs. Every one of our employees is dedicated to achieving this.

-president Junichi Tanaka

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