Item# Moto1
HID:  XB35:  Relay:  COB:  Projector:  Shroud: 

Product Description

Everything you need to convert your standard reflector to a BiXenon shooting output monster. Designed for easy PnP fitment in H4 and other large housings though they can be fit into smaller 9006 style housings with modifications.

Not for the faint of heart, this is a true DIY kit for experienced retrofitters.

Have a request for a custom headlight retrofit? Choose the "UseForRetrofit" option to apply a base charge to cover research and acquisition of a new headlight housing to your desired specification (chrome, black, smoked, etc). We take on all challenges, Honda Ridgeline, Toyota Matrix, Ford Explorer, you name it.

Final labor charges will be based on required modification needed and special requests given by the customer and billed as the end of construction.

On average a complete custom set of retrofitted headlights including new housings, D2S HID retro kit, LED signals/markers, labor costs between $600-700 + tax/shipping.