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Product Description

The Mahle Motorsports division of Mahle, Inc. is responsible for manufacturing some of the best racing pistons in the world. Their attention to detail, exact tolerances, excellent material choices and their advanced technological knowledge base combined with solid relationships with OEMs and factory racing teams, make Mahle pistons the only choice for InlineFour/iL4 Racing.

We have been using Mahle pistons for approx. 5 years and for the first time, this tail end of 2011, continuing on into 2012, we have decided to educate our customers and introduce the Mahle forged piston. Depending on their setup, we may suggest to use Mahle in their builds and nothing else.

In a naturally aspirated setup, especially on the street, we NEVER see the need for a forged piston to be used. This is due to the fact that the engines power output will not be high enough to take full advantage of what a forged piston was designed for. However, if a forged piston must be used, then we recommend ONLY Mahle. The reason is very simple. Mahle's high silicon content 4032 aluminum alloy and their forging process allows for a strong, lightweight piston and a very low thermal expansion rate. This means that the piston will expand along the lines of a factory Honda piston, giving you improved performance while retaining the factory reliability like a cast piston. You could not ask for anything more, as it doesnt get much better than that when it comes to forged piston technology.

If the engines that are built for an American Honda satellite team, such as Realtime Racing, use Mahle pistons and those same teams aid Mahle with development data to bring such pistons to market, then we strongly support and push the Mahle line of forged racing pistons. We at InlineFour have also had positive results when testing Mahle pistons. The data clearly shows the path for a championship winning engine. Do it right...or dont do it at all!

Available for B16A, B18C, LS,B20/VTEC, H22A, F20C/F22C, K20A and K24A. Some heavy duty applications are made with 2618 aluminum alloy and also feature Hard Anodized top ring land. For vehicles with a FRM cylinder lining(Fiber Reinforced Matrix), such as the F20C/F22C(S2000) and H22A(Prelude), Mahle has a special series called the "Gold Series". The Mahle Gold Series pistons have a special skirt coating that allows the piston to be dropped into the FRM cylinder bore. Another technological breakthrough by Mahle Motorsports!

Acura B18C1 GSR 1.8L

Available bore sizes: 81.00mm, 81.25mm and 81.50mm
Available compression ratios: 9.0:1, 10.5:1 and 12.5:1
Constructed from 4032 aluminum alloy.

Acura K20 2.0L

Available bore sizes: 86.00mm, 86.50mm and 87.00mm
Available compression ratios: 8.9:1, 9.0:1, 10.3:1, 12.7:1, 12.9:1 and 14.8:1
Constructed from 4032 aluminum alloy.

Acura K24 2.4L

Available bore sizes: 87.00mm, 88.00mm and 89.00mm
Available compression ratios: 12.3:1, 12.5:1 and 12.7:1
Constructed from 2618 aluminum alloy.

Acura B18C5 ITR 1.8L/Honda B16A 1.6L

Available bore sizes: 81.00mm, 81.25mm and 81.50mm
Available compression ratios: 9.2:1, 9.3:1, 11.4:1, 11.5:1 and 11.6:1
Constructed from 4032 aluminum alloy.

Honda H22 FRM "Gold Series" 2.2L

Available bore sizes: 87.00mm and 87.25mm
Available compression ratios: 9.0:1, 10.0:1 and 11.5:1
Constructed from 4032 aluminum alloy.

Honda F20C/F22C S2000 FRM "Gold Series" 2.0L/2.2L

Available bore sizes: 87.00mm, 87.10mm and 87.25mm Available compression ratios: 8.7:1, 8.9:1, 9.5:1, 11.5:1, 11.7:1 and 12.5:1
Constructed from 4032 aluminum alloy and 2618 when applicable.

A special "Long Rod" option is available for the S2000. It's a custom 4032 alloy piston, in a 87.25mm bore with 12.5:1 compression. Designed to use the F20C connecting rod with a F22C (2.2L) crankshaft. This will give you the displacement of the 2.2L, while being able to rev to 9krpm and achieve a better rod-to-stroke ratio.

All Mahle Motorsports Forged Racing Pistons are sold in a complete set of 4 pistons and come complete with wrist pins, piston rings and pin locks.