Product Description

Protect your investment and OEM harness from failures with the Moto HDRelay.

Cross compatible with all 9006 based OEM wiring harnesses.

HD Relay is Fail-Safe:
Unlike generic harnesses that rely on a single low-quality relay to power both headlights,
the Morimoto Harness utilizes one relay per side preventing dual headlight bulb-out failures

Each 40A relay is completely sealed against the elements using ribbed silicone upper
and lower seals, and uses flywheel diodes inside for back-EMF protection.

Every single connector is OEM standard, and is 100% sealed. With it's wiring protected by abrasion resistant
Techflex mesh sleeving and OEM-style relay cubes held together by a laser engraved mounting bracket that's been
artfully anodized with a titanium gray finish - the HD relay will look factory fresh under the hood!