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MSD 6A and 6AL Ignition

The MSD 6AL is the most popular ignition control in the world. The MSD 6AL features a built-in rev limiter that is adjustable in 100 rpm increments with MSD's plug in modules. This is known as MSD's "Soft Touch Rev Control." The Soft Touch Rev Control also opens the door for you to add rpm accessories such as Two Step Rev Control. A Two Step allows you to set two rpm limits, one for a holeshot rpm and the other for overrev protection. The combination of powerful sparks with the safety of a Soft Touch Rev Control is what makes this ignition control a real winner.

The 6AL is supplied with rubber shock mounts and modules for 3,000, 6,000, 7,000 and 8,000 rpm.

The MSD 6A has all the features of the 6AL, but does not have a rev limiter control.



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