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Mugen MT105 Engine Treatment

Mugen MT105 engine treatment is one of the most advanced additives that actually work! Used exclusively by Mugen for years, it is now available to you. Mugen MT105 prevents mechanical loss of engine power and reduces mechanical noise, improves fuel economy, and protects your engine of wear as well as improvement of its durability.

Even with racing engines built with highly precise components, moving parts such as valves and pistons cannot escape from friction loss. Molybdenum, which is a major ingredient of MT105, quickly penetrates into the metal friction surface. This makes a smooth metal surface by forming a strong lubricating layer, which in turn reduces friction resistance and minimizes loss of engine power. By holding the increase of metal surface friction temperature it stabilizes oil temperature, reduces metal friction noise, and improves engine durability.

The recommended quantity of MT105 to be added is 3% to 5% (or 30ml to 50ml per liter) of the engine oil capacity. Please add MT105 by using the attached measurement cup. Since this product is composed of high density organic molybdenum, too much quantity may have adverse affect on such materials as engine sealers. Please refer to the following recommendation for the correct amount to be added.

Recommended quantity for the total engine oil (36ml per liter)

Total engine oil* 3.0L 3.5L 4.0L 4.5L 5.0L 5.5L 6.0L 6.5L

MT105 110ml 125ml 145ml 160ml 180ml 200ml 215ml 235ml

* "Total engine oil" means the entire oil contained in the engine and it is different from the amount of oil added during the oil change. Depending on the engines, the total engine oil amount will be 1.2 to 1.4 times of the amount added during the oil change (without changing the oil filter).


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