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There are dozens of engine types, each with their own function, as well as many parts from which they are made. The most critical parts continue to be improved. However, there are limitations on the precision of the parts' shapes and materials manufactured by mass-production systems. Thus, there is also a limit placed on the performance of the engine itself. JUN has focused its attention on solving this challenge. We are working towards creating parts which offer freedom of shape and function, but which can be mass produced.

Our products are not visible, as they are installed into engines, and their strength, precision and high quality are valued. It is essential that the true nature of each and every part in the engine is defined in order to create high performance parts. When a part i produced through mass-production methods, quality becomes compromised, but we refuse to compromise in design and manufacturing. We have become successful in the racing world, and have earned and unshakable trust from the world at large.

Each part's function, strength, precision and quality requires a total familiarity with that part's material. We have amassed a large amount of know-how in this area, so that we are able to meet changes in part shapes through material selection and advanced processing technology. In the world of racing-car technology, the impossible is made possible through a process of trial and error. By meeting the needs of our customers, who are our best advisors and collaborators, we are able to offer the best choice.

From the beginning, we have worked on many types of engines, creating a large database of original know-how. our technicians have a experimental attitude toward making performance parts. We are proud to be able to meet our users' demands by using advanced technology and the newest machinery, which also helps us to develop the next generation in technology and machinery. From the blueprint stage to parts manufacturing, patented parts designing and manufacturing, through to final processing, we provide our customers with whatever they require.

There is a global movement afoot to examine the effect of cars on the environment. JUN's goal is to increase the heat transfer efficiency of engines, and to improve the fuel to air mixture to achieve complete combustion. We are always conscious of the problem of exhaust gases. Our goal is to reduce the amount of waste and materials used during the manufacturing process, through design. We are convinced that in the future, environmental issues will become more pronounced, and we plan to continue improving our operations.

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