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Our HONDATA s100 is a base Hondata system which offers the tunability as the s200 without the additional options (datalogging, 3-step, g-sensor) that the s200 offers.

The s100 fits inside the OBDI ECU and is compatible with the s200 and s200 ROM files.

s100 Applications
The s100 is available in a boost and non-boost version for OBDI ECUs. Like the s200, it is not available for PW0 or PR3 ECUs, nor automatics. For more information see applications by ECU.

s100 Features:
*Fits inside the ECU. No external wiring.
*Speed limiter removed (if applicable).
*Tunable fuel and ignition tables.
*Expanded fuel & ignition tables for boost.
*Expanded rpm fuel & ignition tables.
*A/C cutout.
*VTEC control (non user adjustable).
*Rev limiter (non user adjustable).
*Nitrous Control.

s100 Pricing and Options The base price for the s100 is $195
This allows the ECU to be tuned by a dealer or anyone with ROM Editor V3 or ROM Editor V4 and a programmer. You will need a base program (ROM) for your vehicle/engine/ECU which you can get from your dealer.

Price Description
$195 s100 system - - speed limiter removed (if applicable), tunable fuel and ignition tables, expanded rpm fuel & ignition tables, VTEC control, adjustable rev limiter and Nitrous Control.
Can be tuned for any level of boost (dependant on MAP sensor)

If you are interested in tuning Hondata systems for other people see the dealer requirements page for more information. If you have a Stage 2/3/4 and wish to upgrade, see the V3 upgrade page.

Upgrading to the s100 (from Stage 2/3/4) If you have a Stage 2, 3 or 4 system and wish to upgrade to a newer system you must upgrade to the s200. You cannot upgrade to a s100.

ECU jumper J12
With the s100 it is recommended to cut jumper J12 inside the ECU. For US ECUs this jumper is located near the two vertical sub boards inside the ECU. For JDM ECUs remove J4 which is located on the top of the circuit board near CN2. This jumper must be replaced if the ECU is used with a Stage 2/3/4 system.

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